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Getting to know us better and our principles about you working with our company.

Our Team

Our management team

Our managers thrive for the passion and the efficiency of the business and currently work on all aspects of the operational team building as well as engaging in new business client tendering contracts for both dedicated and software building contracts. We value our clients and inner staff and have a connection with the ones who understand what hosting is all about and that is making sure you have great customer service as well as 99.9% uptime on servers that are well maintained and built with resilience. We will always appreciate you have businesses to run and we ask the same in the days when the longer hours kick in! We hold a passion for what we believe in.

Business Enterprise

Looking ahead for 2016/2017/2018
We continue to be member of the Business Chamber of Commerce, Business Link, Business Start ups within the UK and will attend regular meetings to encourage others on setting up a business, practical advice, staying creative and being a positive thinker when times get tough in the economic recovery that gripped us all a few years back.
Our managers continue to work on business development oversees and providing E-commerce \ Dedicated web hosting solutions to clients in the UK as well as Dubai and other parts of Europe. He will also offer his services as a contract consultant for businesses that are first starting out in the digital world or need to outsource their web hosting \ E-mail hosting through simple expansion.
We still get excited when clients set up a new website or look to re-brand their products and image on existing website!
That’s why if you not sure about what your business needs then please just send us an email from our contact page and we will put you though to the right person to speak to.

The Company management team

Our UK Management team come from a background of software design, IS Delivery and web hosting companies from IBM, HP, AT&T, having had more then 12 years’ experience working online from the days dial up internet was still new to the UK!

Our Team

Having worked with developers and Internet specialists they have been helping businesses online and building on client's existing and helping new clients since 2006 from the individual start up to the full enterprise hosting for public and private sectors as well as helping out the business start up new users.

The support staff \ online services from the UK

Our supports are all trained in our in-house business critical services methods. They come from a skilful background. Therefore if you are unsatisfied with your level of service or support ticket then please email us at contact@asp-host.co.uk with your ticket number were we will escalate and rectify the situation.

Every support ticket is answered and monitored as we pride ourselves on customer services and maintaining our SLA standards.


We have an agency contract which takes care of all our staffing needs and sources the leads for us. We are not currently recruiting at the moment as all positions are filled for 2015 /2016 however we are willing to discuss opportunities for work placement.

Team Award nights

Some times our work can be non stop so as management we like to make sure we have our monthly reward night's outs, which in turn keeps the passion burning within our business!


Head Office Address UK
  • Tel: +442030867219
  • Web Hosting Solutions
  • Accounts Dept 106
  • 12a, Greenhill Street,
  • Stratford Upon Avon,
  • Warwickshire, CV37 6LF
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